Here we are, my friends, in the fluid present. On this world. Let us now go up. Up. Up. Past the world, past the sun, past the galaxy. Through the darkness between galaxies. Into another galaxy, into another system.

Down, down we go, to another blue planet. See the four gigantic silvery globes around it, slowly rotating with the rotation of the world. See the smaller glowing sphere closer to the world, orbiting, with the outlines of a palace through the sphere’s crystalline bounds. Down, down, through the atmosphere, passing through an ancient field of energy with a tingling across the skin, until where we are is this new place.

This new place of ancient civilization, of the rise and fall of old kingdoms to new republics. This new place of monsters and men. This new place where dragons alight upon the mountains. This new place where the boundary between the material and the ethereal and the darkness may be breached.

It is the Age of Adventure. The ancient ruins of times past are being overrun by humanoid and monster race alike, searching for the ancient powers that helped to shape the world. The ancient conflict of the draconic retainers of Lord Bahamut the Platinum and Queen Tiamat the Chromatic continues onward and eternally. The influence of continents is decided through controlled conflict. And through it all, the Overseers quietly watch from their spherical stations circling the world.

This is the world in which you are now.

This is the World of Two Names.

Here be the wiki for the World of Two Names, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign world.

This is primarily a player resource, providing summaries of the story thus far, and a place to learn more about the world itself, and the people that live in the world.

The World of Two Names

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